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We provide Emergency (24 hour) plus everyday plumbing, heating
and drainage services in Woking, Surrey.

Plumbing & Heating: Tel: 01483 255564

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We operate within the following Woking postcode areas where we try and arrive at an emergency call-out within 1 hour of receiving your call. If you live in the Woking area within a postcode not shown on this list, don't worry, please give us a call and we will see if we can help you.

GU21 1 / GU 21 2 / GU21 3 / GU21 4 / GU 21 5 / GU21 6 / GU21 7 / GU21 8 / GU21 9 / GU22 0 / GU22 2 / GU22 7 / GU22 8 / GU22 9 / GU23 6 / GU23 7 / GU24 0 / GU24 8 / GU24 9.

Find a plumber in Woking

We offer the full range of emergency plumbing services in and around Woking including: blocked toilet, blocked drain, leaks, burst pipes, blocked sewer & heating problems. Whatever your plumbing, heating or drainage emergency is, don't worry, we are here to help!

Drain specialist Woking

Our specialist DrainFix team are on hand in the Woking area to help you with all of your drainage problems. We specialise in: drain services, drain survey, High pressure water jetting, unblocking drains, drain repair, drain maintenance and much more.

Heating services

Water Safe Quality AssuredDo you live in the Woking area and have a heating problem? Don't worry, our HeatFix team are there to help you no matter what the issue is. We can help with: Boiler replacement, central heating repair, leaking radiators & much, much more.

Hard water problems

Many towns in the county of Surrey have hard mains water, and Woking is no exception. In the central parts of Woking - around the GU22 postcode area - the water hardness is typically around 250-350ppm. That means the mains water contains high levels of limestone and magnesium that it's picked up on its journey through the underground rocks. Limescale in the hot water pipes is a problem in Woking. It's caused by hard water. That means that your heating system will be working much less efficiently, which will cost you money. This problem can be fixed by using water softeners.


Surrey County Council are responsible for highway drainage issues (such as surface water drainage) and can be contacted on 03456 009 009,

Woking Borough Council can be contacted on 01483 755855 for information on ordinary watercourses such as natural streams, rivers or ditches that are not main rivers. Serco undertake works to maintain any ditches which are Woking Borough Council’s responsibility.

If your enquiry relates to a public sewer please contact Thames Water or Southern Water, depending upon who covers your area.

Problems related to a private sewer, private watercourse or private land, are the responsibility of the landowner.

Why call PlumbFix?

We are a family business that truly appreciates our customers, and you can rest assured that we will get the job done right and within the budget and timeframe. 95% of our calls are completed within the hour. We operate a routine and 24hr emergency service 365 days a year, whenever needed. We also supply free quotations and advice.

What our Woking customers say?

Job Completed - Cleared blocked drains/waste pipe. (Average score 10/10)

“Spoke to Pip on the phone and explained the issue with blocked toilet. He popped over within 15 minutes and began to clear the blockage. He then returned the next day to finish the job. Everything was done very quickly and efficiently, and for a very reasonable price.”

Customer in Woking - 26 February 2019

Job Completed - Helped fix my boiler over the phone. (Average score 10/10)

“I was having a pressure issue with my central heating boiler, phoned Plumbfix and they were able to help me over the phone, without having to send someone out! After sending them a few photos of the pipes, they managed to help me locate the valve to add more pressure to the system, and voila, we were back up and running! Would definitely use Plumbfix again for any future issues.”

Customer in Woking - 12 February 2019

Job Completed - Inspect and repairs - heating system balance and regulate. (Average score 10/10)

“Arrived soon after I rang to help me out as had no heating upstairs. Work carried out efficiently and kept me updated with what was going on (as well as advice on going forward!). Thank you. So far so good. Warm and toasty.”

Customer in Woking - 13 December 2018

Job Completed - Cleared blocked pipe. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip did a fantastic job in clearing a pipe that was absolutely packed solid. It took a lot of persistence and determination to resolve the issue, for which I’m grateful.”/em>

Customer in Woking - 13 March 2018

Job Completed - Fixed leaking taps in kitchen and replaced with a new one. (Average score 10/10)

“Professional and very efficient plumber.”

Customer in Woking - 1 August 2017

Job Completed - Installation on suite bathroom. (Average score 10/10)

“Very good job. Hi quality of the service. Good timing. I recommend Pip. A professional plumber.”

Customer in Woking - 18 July 2017

Job Completed - Waste disposal fitted and shower repair. (Average score 10/10)

“He made an excellent recommendation on a waste disposal as well as perfect installation. I appreciated his immediate diagnosis of my shower problem as well as the quick fix.”

Customer in Woking - 15 July 2016

Job Completed - Toilet leak fixed. (Average score 10/10)

“Very impressed with Pip and the work he carried out. Very professional. He explained the problem and the steps needed to fix it very clearly. He got on with the job quickly and he was considerate of the needs of the children in the house whilst doing the job. I would definitely recommend him.”

Customer in Woking - 13 June 2016

Job Completed - Review of leak in pipe, leaky tap, shower hot water pump. (Average score 10/10)

“Had a number of small plumbing issues around the house and a leak in an underground pipe. Arrived on time, very friendly, extremely knowledge. Answered all queries and fixed issue with water pump and recommended the right person to resolve the leaky pipe as it was a bigger issue. Would absolutely recommend them to friends and family and will be back again should there be any future plumbing issues in the house. Thanks for doing a great job!”

Customer in Woking - 8 August 2015

Job Completed - Leak in the loft from a hidden overflow pipe. (Average score 10/10)

“I have used Pip on numerous occasions. They saved the day again. My house has had a vast number of emergencies which Pip has resolved.”

Customer in Woking - 23 July 2015

Job Completed - Various plumbing leaks and overflow problems. (Average score 9.8/10)

Very efficient.

Mr Nick Thomas based in Woking, 29 April 2015

Job Completed - Drain survey of school site. Drain repairs (Average score 10/10)

Very helpful and efficient workman. Attention to detail and able to offer advice and recommendations. Looks after the school site on a permanent basis and always attends to emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Mr Tom Chambers based in Woking

Job Completed - Blocked overflowing drains (Average score 10/10)

I could not do this job. How he managed to clear the mess away and sort the drains was amazing!

Cherry Flint based in Woking

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