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We provide Emergency (24 hour) plus everyday plumbing, heating
and drainage services in Addlestone, Surrey.

Plumbing & Heating: Tel: 01483 255564

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We operate within the following Addlestone postcode areas where we try and arrive at an emergency call-out within 1 hour of receiving your call. If you live in the Addlestone area within a postcode not shown on this list, don't worry, please give us a call and we will see if we can help you.

KT15 1 / KT15 2 / KT15 3 / KT15 9.

Hard Water Problems

Many towns in the county of Surrey have hard mains water, and Addlestone is no exception. The water hardness is typically around 250-350ppm. That means the mains water contains high levels of limestone and magnesium that it's picked up on its journey through the underground rocks.

Limescale in the hot water pipes is a problem in Addlestone. It's caused by hard water. That means that your heating system will be working much less efficiently, which will cost you money. This problem can be fixed by using water softeners.

Total hardness is usually expressed in terms of calcium carbonate and is measured in milligrammes per litre (mg/l) or parts per million (ppm). The recognised classification scheme used by the water provider in this area is: 0-75 soft, 76-150 moderately hard, 151-300 hard, 300+ very hard. At 273 mg/l the water in Addlestone is hard.

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Why call PlumbFix?

We are a family business that truly appreciates our customers, and you can rest assured that we will get the job done right and within the budget and timeframe. 95% of our calls are completed within the hour. We operate a routine and 24hr emergency service 365 days a year, whenever needed. We also supply free quotations and advice.

We have helped many people in the Addlestone area with a variety of plumbing, drainage and heating problems. From blocked drains to leaking taps to broken radiators, we are here to help. Plumbing is the core service that we have been offering for many years with an established reputation in Addlestone for quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

We are qualified and trained drain services engineers who are experts in dealing professionally with all types of drainage blockages from waste pipes to main drains. Call Plumbfix night or day with an emergency and we will have an operative at your Addlestone property within the hour, or sooner.

WIA Approved PlumberAffinity Water

Affinity Water operate a Customer Zone on their website where you can find an easy to view summary of all things water related in your area including:

  • Current incidents
  • Planned works
  • Water Quality reports

The Customer Zone can be found at


What our Addlestone customers say?

Job Completed - Overflow of toilet fixed super quickly and charged at very reasonable rate. (Average score 10/10)

“Had a leak and didn’t know what it was except I had identified it coming from the toilet. Plumbfix! Popped over within 30 mins and fixed immediately and within a few minutes. Honestly, such a relief and was super helpful and knowledgeable. Would definitely use again and also definitely recommend to others. Cost very reasonable.”

Customer in Addlestone - September 2019

Job Completed - New shower pump fitted and leak fixed. (Average score 9.75/10)

“Turned up on time - work carried out well and was great at letting us know what issue had been and how to make sure we can sort any issues going forward. Would definitely recommend as many plumbers contacted didn't return calls or show up when expected OR quoted crazy sums. On time, on budget and very pleasant chap. Thanks”

Customer in Addlestone - 20 July 2019

Job Completed - Replaced a leaking cistern with a new one. (Average score 10/10)

“Very satisfied with his work and really knows his job well.”

Customer in Addlestone - 17 May 2019

Job Completed - Fixed shower pressure. (Average score 10/10)

“Super helpful and accommodating. Came out same day to check a problem with the shower pressure and then came back 2 days later to fix and carry out work.”

Customer in Addlestone - 22 March 2019

Job Completed - Fitted new toilet. (Average score 10/10)

“I had a problem with my new toilet not flushing toilet paper and the person who originally fit it did not sort the problem. I found Plumbfix through Checkatrade and the plumber, Pip, came round that same evening to look at it. He told me the problem and gave me a quote. As soon as my new toilet arrived, Pip shifted things around so that he could fit it asap. The whole job took only a couple hours including fitting all new pipework, fixing the cistern and sealing the toilet to the floor. I now have a fully functioning toilet. I am very happy with Pip’s work and would highly recommend him.”

Customer in Addlestone - 15 March 2019

Job Completed - Emergency situation after fire brigade attended, kitchen flooded, mixer tap 'erupted like a geyser'. (Average score 10/10)

“Highly recommend this gentleman - professional tradesman who knows his trade inside out and gives clearly understood, instant info, on what is wrong and needs to be done. Very courteous, speedy and thorough. A true gentleman who takes pride in his workmanship.”

Customer in Addlestone - 18 February 2019

Job Completed - Fitted new kitchen tap. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip did a great job, it wasn't all that straight forward as the isolation handles, under the sink, were stiff and corroded, having not been turned for over 20 years! So the job took much longer than his estimate and he fitted new parts but he didn't charge us more. Nice friendly guy and offered great advice. Definitely recommend this Company.”

Customer in Addlestone - 15 January 2019

Job Completed - Pipe work. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip arrived on time and was efficient and helpful. He is hard working and knows his business well. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Customer in Addlestone - 10 January 2019

Job Completed - Toilet cistern leak. (Average score 10/10)

“Have no hesitation in highly recommending this gentleman - professional, courteous, highly skilled, kept me informed at all times and did not attempt to rip me off. Good luck to you sir.”

Customer in Addlestone - 4 January 2019

Job Completed - Leak behind toilet. (Average score 10/10)

“I had a leak behind the toilet which was quite worrying for me. Pip gave me a time and arrived on time. He spotted the problem within seconds and did the repair. It was such a relief to find someone who obviously knew what he was talking about!”

Customer in Addlestone - 9 September 2018

Job Completed - Leaking pipe in the kitchen. (Average score 10/10)

“We have used Pip before and did not hesitate to call him again in our hour of need. We had a leaking pipe in the kitchen, and Pip came round on the same day. He sorted the problem quickly and efficiently, and charged less than what we were expecting. I was one of those people who was quite sceptical about using someone I do not know, but I have been completely corrected and would 100% recommend Pip to any of my friends or family.”

Customer in Addlestone - 21 August 2017

Job Completed - Work done to fix a leak from the system. (Average score 10/10)

“Quick diagnosis of the problem, thorough description of what work needed to be done, professional manner.”

Customer in Addlestone - 2 August 2017

Job Completed - Leaking Pipe. (Average score 10/10)

“Woke up to a leaking pipe dripping through the ceiling. He turned up on time as promised and carried out the work very efficiently. He also fixed a dripping tap and a sink problem that I did not initially ask about - and all within the quoted price. Would definitely recommend and I know where to go on the future.”

Customer in Addlestone - 11 July 2017

Job Completed - Leaking water pipe under sink. (Average score 10/10)

“Fantastic, great work job done with reasonable cost.”

Customer in Addlestone - 25 January 2017

Job Completed - Burst exterior water pipe fixed. (Average score 10/10)

“He arrived in super fast time! He was kind, polite and informative. He was my knight in shining armour!”

Customer in Addlestone - 19 January 2017

Job Completed - Sealed water leak in mains water pipe where it entered the house. Replaced the valve in water tank in loft. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip arrived promptly and cured the water leak within 5 minutes. He returned 2 days later to replace the valve in the main water tank in the loft which was leaking. The jobs were speedily and tidily executed. As my husband and I are in our eighties, it is a comfort to know we have such efficient and reasonably priced help within easy reach.”

Customer in Addlestone - 19 January 2016

Water Safe Quality AssuredJob Completed - Emergency repair: new float valve fitted in leaking cistern. (Average score 10/10)

“Leaking toilet cistern needed fixing quickly. He arrived within 90 minutes of my initial phone call. Problem was fixed in super quick time. No call out charge or over charge for the work.”

Customer in Addlestone - 22 July 2015

Job Completed - Unblocked sink waste pipe (Average score 10/10)

Came out the same morning I called. Very fast and efficient work for at a very reasonable price. Extremely pleasant and gave advice re. on going maintenance. Would recommend this tradesman very highly to anyone.

Mrs Joan Smith based in Addlestone

Job Completed - Fixed DIY problem, unblocked bath (Average score 10/10)

Very prompt response. Helpful advice. Competitive pricing.

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