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Checkatrade information for PlumbFix!Some simple plumbing fixes that you can do yourself.

With just a few basic tools and a few skills, a DIY plumbing repair job can save you lots of money. In this article we look at some DIY Plumbing fixes that you can make at home or in the office

Finding the Stop Cock

Before we look at the DIY Plumbing fixes, the important question to ask is:

Do you know where your stop cock is? If our answer is no, then you really should find out as soon as possible. Waiting until your home is under water is not a good time to start looking.

The stop cock is located where the rising main enters your building. This could be in a number of places but the usual locations are: Under the kitchen sink, in a service cupboard at the front of the property or in the hallway behind a section of removable skirting board. Another common location is the garage.

Ask the neighbours where their Stop Cock is, if their home was built around the same time as yours, it is likely that it will be in a similar place.

We have a number of video guides on our website that will help you to locate your Stop Cock (Stop Tap), these can be found here - http://www.pdhfix.co.uk/faq.html

OK, so now you know how to turn off the main water supply to your home, we can look at the DIY Plumbing jobs in detail:

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Cold Water Storage

Blocked Waste Pipe

Blocked Toilet

Frozen Pipe Thawing

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